MBS Earth Station, 10 Years Later  
MBS/AP radio uplink racks

MBS/AP radio uplink racks

Description : In a business that uses rapidly-evolving technology, it's a real surprise to find out that something I'd helped build had actually survived for a whole seven years at the time of this photo. They'd reorganized the racks to make space in the building, so the eight racks had been cut to six, but most of it was still there, including the computerized controls.

Racks left to right and top to bottom:

Rack 1: Associated Press link A: Audio processing, patch panels, two different types of IF modulators, and upconverter.

Rack 2: control rack with mimic panels and an Eagle Signal process control computer. Re-programming this computer was my OJT in 8080 assembler programming, on a very crude Datapoint editing terminal.

Rack 3: Associated Press link B, same as rack 1.

Rack 4: MBS transponder 1 links A and B

Rack 5: MBS transponder 2 links A and B

Rack 6: Antenna positioning controller, deicing panel for 11 meter antenna, custon deicing panel for AP 5 meter antennas, an AP receiver shelf (I think), spectrum analyzer and other stuff.

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