Mutual Broadcasting System  
MBS Earth Station - 1982

MBS Earth Station - 1982

Description : The Mutual Broadcasting System earth station as originally constructed.

It's hard to see everything in this enlargement from a fuzzy Polaroid, but a few things that are visible can be named for you technology archeologists out there who might be interested in what an early 80's C-band SCPC uplink looked like. See the "MBS 10 Years Later" gallery for clearer pictures of what this looked like after being cleaned up and reorganized.

In the foreground is a Datapoint console that was used to program the Eagle Signal industrial controller in the right-most rack. That's a Decwriter printer sitting next to it.

From left to right, the two chassis in the top of the second rack are 3:1 Dolby DBX companders. The third rack is just meters, a test set and a monitor amplifier. At the top of the fourth rack are main and cue channel combiner amplifiers; at the bottom, IF modulators for each SCPC channel. The fifth rack from top to bottom: antenna positioning control, antenna deicing control, some unrecognizable equipment, and two IF to microwave upconverters that fed the HPA's in the room behind these racks.

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